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These stunning Name Pennants are super popular right now, but none deliver as much colour as ours! Made from our 100% pure wool felt, these pennants are beautifully made and the highest of quality. The base layer is a double layer of felt which means these little guys are nice and strong and will stand beautifully to display your little ones name.

Please note that unlike our Name Banners, the letters on our Pennants are hot glued and not sewn to the base felt. The base of the Pennant is sewn by machine to ensure they are durable and sturdy. 

We can only fit a maximum of 6 letters on these flags. If your child has a longer name, or hyphenated, we suggest using a nickname or a shortened version. Names with less than 6 letters will have a star or heart attached to fill in the blank space.

There are two colour ways to choose from, please note that the order in which the colours are presented on your flag may differ to the orders shown in our photos. The colours will stay the same.

Please note that this is a weekend Bargain Buy and after Sunday 12th March, these Pennant will return to the higher price point.

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